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What Is Social Media Marketing and Why Is It Good for Business?

Social media marketing means using social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to build your brand, boost engagement, bring more traffic to your website, attract customers, and boost sales. It can be used to reach any business goal you may have.

In order to fully grasp the importance of social media for business, take a look at these facts:


  • Almost half of the world’s population is currently on social media. Facebook alone has more than two billion active users.

  • More than half of social media users research products and services on their social media accounts.

  • About 71 percent of online shoppers determine whether to recommend a product to a friend or family member according to their experience with a brand on social media.

Those are just a few statistics that show the importance of social media marketing, but, as the saying goes, the “proof is in the pudding”. You will not know how much social media marketing could improve your business until you put it to work.

Though Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms can play a big role, it is vital that you do not miss out on the benefits that LinkedIn brand marketing can bring. With LinkedIn being the number one hangout for professionals, it is one of the best places for networking with and marketing to businesses, freelancers, and influencers, all of which can help to grow your business.

Don’t take social media marketing or LinkedIn brand marketing lightly. They have the power to take your business to heights you never imagined. Put them to work for you today by contacting Ceccarelli Marketing.

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