Aug 15, 2020

5 Steps to Killer Content Creation in 7 Days

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Stuck in a rut with writer’s block? Looking for some help starting a daily journaling habit? This is the course/challenge is for you! Keeping a daily journal is a powerful habit for anyone looking to hone their writing skills and kindle a creative spark. Here's my challenge to you: 👇 Grab a notebook and let’s get started becoming a better writer through social media posts! 🙌 Step 1) Find a Notebook (Hard Copy) or Notepad Online. Step 2) Pick 3-5 Topics that fascinate your interests Step 3) In 100 words or less, write about why you love the topic(s) Step 4) Email yourself a Copy of your work Step 5) Proofread for Typos/Grammar. Final Step: The next/following day, write your + post your content! ✅ Bonus: Repeat All 5 Steps and post at the same time every day. The next next you know, you might be a Content Creator yourself! 😉 Feel free to reach out with any questions at ✅

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